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Derek Clements Croome
Honorary Professor, Reading University of London Visiting Professor, Queen Marry University

About Cecilia Kaoru

She is a philosopher, who represents creation through painting, design, sculpture, poetry, and teaching. Her work always shows humility, but with the most natural approach, as if she shares the personal heaven that each of us possesses.
She is a sensory designer, multi-sensory, and just by looking at her work, you not only 'feel' it, but you experience 'your own spiritual upliftment'. In her teaching and research, she delves into the true meaning of art and human thought and its place in society.
She is pursuing new directions and opening new avenues for creativity. Her work takes on a deeper meaning by combining philosophy with an approach that pursues the (plastic) arts. This is an exciting experience for the student.
In addition to her exhibitions (paintings, expressions of consciousness with emotional experiences), she has made several video works. Her work Spring dream has a poetic, delicate and soulful language that transports you to both the countryside and the storm. Such sensations are also included in The Flow of Consciousness and Nature and Blessing. There is a flow of essential awareness, nature and blessing.
She connects us to nature. This is most important in a troubled, fast-moving world. We live through our senses. Architect Juhani Pallasmaar demonstrates this with his architecture, and CeciliaKaoru demonstrates this through her art.
She is that rare person who shares her ideas and works for the benefit of many.



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Derek Clements Croome
Reading University of London 名誉 Queen Marry University 客員教授

Cecilia Kaoru について
彼女は、絵画・デザイン・彫刻・詩・教育指導によって、創造を表す哲学家、です。彼女の仕事は、常に謙虚さを示して いますが、私たちひとり一人が持つ個人的な天国を共有しているかのような、最も自然なアプローチです。
彼女は、感覚的なデザイン、マルチ感覚を有しており、彼女の作品を観ているだけで、『感じる』だけではなく、『自分自 身の精神的高揚』を実感します。 彼女の教育研究において、藝術と人間の思想の、社会におけるその場所の本来の 意味を掘り下げています。
彼女は、新しい方向性を追求し、創造性の為の新しい道を開いています。哲学と(造形)芸術を追求したアプローチを 組み合わせることによって、彼女の仕事は深い意味を持ちます。これは、学ぶ者にとって、刺激的な体験となります。
彼女の展覧会(絵画制作・感情体験を持つ意識表現)の他に、彼女はいくつかのビデオ作品をつくっています。作品、 Spring dream には詩的で繊細で、魂の強い言葉があり、田園と嵐の双方にあなたを連れて行きます。そのような感覚 は The Flow of Consciousness and Nature and Blessing の中にも含まれています。そこには、本質的な意識と自然と 祝福の流れがあります。
彼女は、私たちを自然とつないでくれます。このことは、問題が多い、急速に動く世界の中で最も重要なことです。私た ちは私たちの持つ感覚を通して生きています。建築家、Juhani Pallasmaar は 、彼の建築でこれを実証し、CeciliaKaoru は藝術を通し、これを実証しています。


Professor Derek





















芸術分析 彦坂尚嘉 筆


Female artist who established the art of Nine Worlds
Saito Cecilia Kaoru.
Written by Naoyoshi Hikosaka

Saito was born in Omori, Ota-ku, Tokyo. Graduated from Tokyo Zokei University, Department of Sculpture/ Saito's art teacher; Tadayoshi Sato, sculptor (member of the Association for New Media Arts and Sculptures, the first Japanese sculptor to have a solo exhibition at the Rodin Museum); Fumio Sakamoto, Western-style painter (member of Modern Art Association, oil painting instructor at Tama Art College, also Saito's art teacher in high school). 1

I am also studying Yoga Philosophy, Veda Script and Upanishad with Indian teacher MK Panda. I used to read the Yoga Sutras when I was a student. It is very carefully put together. The scriptures have been translated into Japanese. I don't think many people have read it, Saito read it, he was the first artist I met.

If Saito had returned to the classical civilization of the East, he would have painted only figurative paintings, but he also diversified his expression to simulacrum quotation and borrowing from classical civilization, a characteristic of non-civilization since 1975.

Saito's sense of color and its multi-layered overlap is due to the dense spiritual multi-layering of the Yoga scriptures. In other words, as a result of studying the Yoga scriptures, she and I both have a 10-world personality structure. The first is the imaginary world. Next is the Symbolic Realm. Then comes the Real World. Up to this point, the terminology is the same as that of Jacques Lacan, who became famous for his post-structuralist psychoanalysis. Next is the "santome," which is the same as Lacan's terminology up to this point.

Lacan's mirror-image theory overlaps with today's worldview as depicted by H.G. Wells in his "The Appearance of World History. In fact, it has its origins in the yogic scriptures and has been developed into the mirror-image nature of recent cosmology.

The fifth realm is "Deep Mystery," a literacy that emerges in Georges Chirico's metaphysical masterpiece "Melancholia and the Mysteries of the Streets," which gives rise to Surrealism. The emergence of this literacy gave birth to surrealism; the 6th world, "No Name," created paintings of condemned prisoners; the 7th world, "Crossing Borders;" the 8th world, "The Unknown;" and the 9th world, "Beyond," were all painted by André Masson.
And the 10th world is 《Death》. It was Pollock who drew all 10 worlds. And Pollock died. Saito's works are bright, so there is no "death" in the last 10 worlds.

1 These two were the editors and authors of the art textbooks Saito used in his junior high and high school days, and these textbooks are still talked about as legendary in the Japanese art education world.




            彦坂尚嘉 筆


また、インド人MKパンダ先生のもとでヨーガ哲学、Veda Script Upanishad を学んでいる。  私は学生時代に『ヨーガ・スートラ』を読んでいたんです。とても丁寧にまとめられている。経典は日本語に翻訳されています。それを読んでいる人は少ないと思います、齋藤はそれを読んだ、私が最初に出会ったアーティストです。



 ラカンには鏡像理論があり、これは世界史外観” を描いたH.G wellsの描いた今日の世界観と重なっている。実はこれはヨーガ教典に起源をもち、最近の宇宙論の鏡像性にまで展開している。

5界は《ディープミステリ》というリテラシーて、これはジョルジュ・キリコの形而上絵画の名作 『メランコリアと通りの神秘』に出現したリテラシーです。このリテラシーの出現が、シュルリアリズムを生み出します。6界は《ノーネーム》で、死刑囚の描く絵画を作ります。7界は《越境》 8界は《未知》 9界《その先》まで描いたのは、アンドレ・マッソンです。







Art Critics by Pino Nicoletti

In English 

The artist wrote: „Since I have been a child I was interested how the world was created. The Indian philosophy then inspired my works, in the last of which I never put my personal idea because we belong to the nature. So, when I do the works, I like to be with the cosmos, to balance the harmonious magic with mine and try to eliminate my selfish desires. I want to let sing my works like the birds sing.
When I wait I feel a cosmic energy inside of me and my conscious part plays with that which lives in the world, with magical materials. The color and the feeling let me feel in the center of the universe. I would like to give others a bit of my imagination without giving anyone answers.
Imagination is the most important aspect of the human’s power and that’s why art is important in my life.“
Soaked with significant symbols, the work of Cecilia highlights feelings and emotional perceptions in their visual experiments.
The exoticism of their magical colors feeds a kind of a dream, which consist of looking beyond reality. Rich of such distinguishing marks, such painting opens in contact with nature, from which pure, non-material, serene images are born.
in the changing fineness of various chromaticism, the works are bearers of emotional waves between the sun and the night, between human and the nature, between air and the waters. These have a pungent instinctive freshness and tend to dissolve in the atmosphere, leave you a message of vitality.

The artist is looking for a landscape of exterior and interior, in which to circulate a silent magical and lonely lifeblood. Their visions put on levels of colorful substance which lives in subdued harmony of the tones. 

In its energetic poetic the colors flourish and lights from inside almost on.

This is used with an extreme frugality in a beautiful material, which lives a close relationship with the divinity. Cecilia is in search for the light, variations and vibrations hardly visible to the naked eye and which she transforms into colors, in a flow of forms which make a landscape in the soul. 

It manages therefore to separate the light from the darkness, to filter the light from the light and in the light. The blue, the greens, the yellows, the light blue, the pinks are like waves of the ocean which shatter on the rocks and then to dissolve.
The works of Cecilia always take place in un open place, borders with the sky, to give an impression that life is always at a point to start again in front of our eyes. The positive look of the artist turns you toward the nature friend, transforming into energy. The works live in a place without space and without time, at an unfinished point of the cosmos which has to do with the psychology of love and the paradise of this feeling. in absence of point of view and then the colors float in a state of suspension and a reset of laws of gravity and in this to floats to take the flight towards a place where reality blends with the imaginary. 

PINO NICOLETTI  Italian Art Curator/ Producer 








PINO NICOLETTI イタリアのアートキュレーター・プロデューサー






ジャーナリスト/コレクター 高馬卓史


About Artist/Educational Researcher Kaoru Saito has been almost 10 years since I first met Kaoru Saito Cecilia. She is unique in Japan in her deep knowledge of the Vedas, especially the Pagavad Gita, and in the fact that her work is backed by the supreme spiritual world of the Vedas. Her life is based on the pure pursuit of art, and her approach to creation is like that of a monk in ancient times. Her way of life itself is also precious in this day and age. Her works naturally reflect the soul of the artist, but they are also highly spiritual, stoic, harmonious, and clear, striking a chord in the viewer's heart. On the other hand, she is striving to spread the education of sensitivity through the five senses, which was batoned to her by her mentor, sculptor Tadayoshi Sato. I believe that in this day and age, enhancing one's spirituality and sharpening one's sensitivity can be very beneficial to the essence of life, work, and human relationships. (Journalist: Takafumi Takama)





齋藤セシリアかおるさんとの出会いは、もう10年以上前になります。彼女は、インドの聖典である 『ヴェーダ』、中でも 『パガヴァッド・ギータ』への造詣が深く、その至高の精神世界に裏打ちされた作品を生み出している点で、日本において稀有な存在です。彼女の暮らしは、どこまで純粋に芸術を追求できるかをベースにしており、その制作の姿勢は古き時代の僧侶のよう。生き様自体も今の時代においては貴重と言えます。作品はおのずと作者の魂を映し出すものですが、まさに精神性が高く、ストイックでありながらも調和や明朗さを兼ね備えており、観ている者の心を打ちます。一方、彼女は、恩師彫刻家佐藤忠良からバトンされた五感を使って感性を磨く教育普及に努めています。現代において精神性を高めること、感性を研ぎ澄ますことは、人生の本質、仕事、あるいは人間関係において、とても有益ではないかと思っています。(ジャーナリスト:高馬卓史)




Bhutan Artist , Poet Philosopher

I have never known much about art and paintings. It is still a very new concept in our country. But I have seen some nice paintings and pictures on the walls, and inside the halls, and got struck by its beauty, mystery and charm.  After seeing Kaoru Cecilia’s painting and art, I have grown more accustomed to art and learned more about the art world, themes, concept, and its features. Kaoru’s art has the potential to get you lit up!!

 I observe her dedicating her best to everything she paints. I feel painters are the most successful when their techniques and concepts get expressed on the canvas effortlessly. So, I think that, her works are spontaneous and technically perfect all the time, the way it connects with me.  

 It's so different and it kinda defines her expression and style. I’ve never seen anything like it. Her work reminds me a little bit of my childhood memories, which is now abstract and blurry in my head, but it has shaped my life to this day.  So its blurry, and then concrete at the same time. 

What makes Kaoru an artist is also her soulful voice. I stumbled upon one of her music on YouTube, and instantly fell in love with her voice and how she sings. Though I couldn’t understand the language, in some ways, I could feel the full song and the emotions inside the singer’s heart. She voice carries such peace and tranquility that it numbs the heart, and makes on feel good and relaxed. That’s how true art connects and touches. 


Her voice is soothing to my ears and when she sings it feels there is music in the air. It’s so honest and pure, and it’s the only Japanese song I know of and I will sing it myself one day. 

 Tandin Wangchuk

Singer, Songwriter, Poet and Musician at Misty Terrace



私はこれまで、美術や絵画についてよく知りませんでした。この国ではまだ新しい概念なのです。しかし、壁やホールの中にある素敵な絵や写真を見たことがあり、その美しさ、神秘性、魅力に心を打たれました。 セシリア薫の絵画やアートを見た後、私はより芸術に慣れ、芸術の世界、テーマ、コンセプト、その特徴についてより多くを学びました。薫さんのアートは、あなたに火をつける可能性を秘めています!!!


彼女の表現とスタイルを決定づけたようなものです。こんなものは見たことがありません。彼女の作品は、私の幼少期の記憶を少し思い出させます。それは今となっては抽象的で頭の中でぼやけていますが、今日まで私の人生を形作ってきたものです。 だから、そのぼやけた、そして同時に具体的なものです。




Article by Roland


Article by England Article  and by Cecilia K 6 Roland

 ’ve been following the Japanese artist Cecilia Kaoru for nearly a year on LinkedIn and in those years, we have struck up a mutual friendship. Cecilia artwork is more than art in it’s self, it’s somewhat of a philosophy of nature the indifferent subsistence and isolation in regards to each other. The tones and complexities of colours used, is a wash of orient with swills and dabs, it’s musical.

S. Cecilia Kaoru Japanese artist writes in her own words about her art work.


“Arts is the way of Getting Realization who you are, it’s just like some Philosophy what you will able to get and it’s a Freedom more than now. We as humans use our Five senses which refers to the five traditionally recognized methods of perception, or sense: taste, sight, touch, smell, and hearing. You can not feel your Emotion and Intellect without Imagination that coming from Experience or Memories.” 

Continue...click Cecilia Article blog by Writer Roland 



ve been following the Japanese artist Cecilia Kaoru for nearly a year on LinkedIn and in those years, we have struck up a mutual friendship. Cecilia artwork is more than art in it’s self, it’s somewhat of a philosophy of nature the indifferent subsistence and isolation in regards to each other. The tones and complexities of colours used, is a wash of orient with swills and dabs, it’s musical.
S. Cecilia Kaoru Japanese artist writes in her own words about her art work.


“Arts is the way of Getting Realization who you are, it’s just like some Philosophy what you will able to get and it’s a Freedom more than now. We as humans use our Five senses which refers to the five traditionally recognized methods of perception, or sense: taste, sight, touch, smell, and hearing. You can not feel your Emotion and Intellect without Imagination that coming from Experience or Memories.” 


記事:イギリス 記事:セシリア・K・6・ローランド


S.セシリアカオル 日本人アーティストが、自身の作品について自らの言葉で綴る。



続き...クリックセシリア記事ブログ by ライターローランド



S.セシリアカオル 日本人アーティストが、



「芸術とは、自分が何者であるかを認識するための方法であり、それはちょうどあなたが得ることができるいくつかの哲学のようなもので、今よりもっと自由なものなのです。私たち人間は、味覚、視覚、触覚、嗅覚、聴覚の5つの感覚を駆使しています。感情や知性は、経験や記憶からくるイマジネーションなしには感じられない。 by Cecilia 










Art Philosophy by Cecilia K


◆Indian Philosophy was given huge Affection to her Art works consept .

From childhood she was very interest to how to Created This world . Especially The Conscious , Energy and 5 element. and Time: Enernty , like this Universal theme.

• On her latest works : as well as she can ; she is not going to put her thinking or idea to her Works. Because she has thought that ordinary thinking is like this : Our human being are belong to nature . So that when she doing her work , she would like to be with Cosmic balancing harmony energy with her pure Energy . Its mean taht she is try to delete selfish Desire.
This is her art work attitude . she thinks that Art is really need to like Birds singing on her works.



• While she doing Art work , she has feeling that there is with cosmic energy which playing Conscious which original of this world. with magical material 
Color or paper and my Feeling which from center of Universe in her .

• she thinks that would like to Let audience to open some imagination into their mind , and she wanted stay there . As well as she can ,she dosen not want to give any Answer to them . 
The Imagintion is the Most important aspect of power of human.
This is the truth of importance of Art works on her life .



My Art Philosophy 05/ Oct 2022 by Cecilia Kaoru



Improvised drawings, for three-dimensional objects.
Or production for video.
With the heart and with the colours and shapes that colour this world.

Colour, shape, light and shadow,, Matier and
Spirit and consciousness are linked in a way that is difficult to separate.

As our awareness sharpened, we
What we see, what we perceive, changes.
This is reflected in the production. 

Memories of what I have seen so far and .
Even after I die in the future.
Something  to be experienced by the continuing consciousness.
Beyond imagining.
Towards a pure white infinity.


Sculpture has the very difficult task of taking shape.
It's a complex emotion that has no name, that
Language, similar to verbalisation .

Everything, what the language doesn't do.
In this world and in this dimension.
It is really difficult to give it shape.

It also transcends the boundaries of my previous common sense and my previous sense of aesthetics in order to capture a form that is  for me, and that arises from a necessity that is not false.

The interesting thing about the act of art is.
Is it there .

It's a common people's talking point, a
Like, leaving your comfort zone.
Breaking thought patterns and so on.
It's similar to those things.

In other words, in the act of true art.

Simple emotional outbursts, for example.
Say they are doing what they want to do
It's not just the simple ones.

The connection between human consciousness and the creation of the universe.
Very delicate and dynamic.

The power to take hold of the creation that man has been given.
I've never captured myself before.

New worldview = creation.
There is a secret relationship with the

 Isn't that what art is all about, to savour it?

Sometimes, things like what you write about here, like...
Talking to a senior university student living in Italy.