Harmonized Prayer 2 in Monaco Art fairs 2020

Pianeta Aqua in Monaco Art fairs 2020

Flowers from Heaven in Monaco Art Fairs in Aug 2020

Light in The Sky

Nature Blessing Serise 

2017NY Video Art Festival 参加作品



私たちは 多くのことに

人間は 自然の一部なんだな、と感じて、
心の奥の温かい 感情に触れられるようになる。By Cecilia Kaoru



作品内 絵画作品:Cecilia K 

ロケーション:兵庫県養父市・京都市内・埼玉県蓮田市・南房総白浜町 他

Voice/music/piano : Cecilia K 

録画・編集 :Cecilia K 

監督 : Cecilia K


Nature Blessing 
Director / Producer 
Cecilia K

Poetry reading 
Music compose 

All by Cecilia K








This Video :

created by  Cecilia K Art works

Cecilia K  likes to make VIdeo ,with Nature sean ,and as  she has painting in the middle.

coz, she is always going to consenrtate to MOMENT = be here Now. 



2017 NY VIdeo Art Festival 25th JUNE



Early Summer (2017)

Nature blessing : Early Summer by Cecilia Kaoru

2017 Summer Design Workshop in TOKYO

Nature Blessing: Spring dream

Mazenda Fire : Poetry Reading&Painting

Cecilia K Poetry Reading & NANYE JIRO Poet