Cecilia Kaoru Vegan Products by Joy Field

"Joy Field , its mean That We have the Zero point of dimention inside of Our exsistant . 

it is coming from Universal root . and The Field of Zero Energy makes you remeber your rael self and your originarity which makes you happy and spirituarity grown up. We hope to You remember your Happiness are already are there . and Originarity and make your Life to be Happiness."      by Cecilia K 

This Page products are made by plants, non Animal roots Materials.

Designer    Cecilia K (vegan )


Her  Design work Field  

1  Hat /Cap design , order made original design too. 

2 Textile design 

When you need her design Go to Contact page , and Send us Message. 

                                                                 Thank you   Joy Field Cecilia K 

about textile works


all textile sold out .  but  we have these works of data.

if you want make more Textile,or another type of ploducts with these design ,

plz contact and send message .


for exmaple :

1 : Textile for fashion , BAG,Cartain etc 

2: Stayshonary 

3: house design : for wall paper 


Thanks Regards 



Textile design for Fabric

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happiness & new moon

Happiness 1 & Iwa-Isome

flower rain

Happiness2 & New moon2


Happiness 2


Cecilia K Style

2020 Design

2020 Design